Unreleased Games That We Would Love to Play

Unreleased games


Unreleased games that need a release!


Creating videogame is tough, taxing and potentially a very lengthy process. Some games take years to develop and some are still being worked on years after the release. This is mostly the case for multiplayer games, especially nowadays in the age of eSports but, single player games are not strangers to this occurrence either.


Even though it’s for completely different reasons, consider Dying Light is an example. This is a game that launched back in the January 2015 and it is still getting updates even today, almost 6 years after its initial release. However this is a whole different kind of development, this game is being updated constantly with new content but what I want to talk about today is when a game is so stuck in a development hell it was simply forget about the fact that we were excited about it a long time ago.


It is not a coincidence that I’ve brought Dying Light is an example right now because the developer of this game had something completely different in mind long before the released their hit title that is soon going to get a successor…




Whatever the **** happened to Hellraid?!


You know, the game that you were supposed to be able to play with your friends while you plunge into the darkness of an unknown dungeon together in search for its treasures. This game had so much promise! It looked so great even back in the 2013 and I was genuinely excited about this game which is not something that happens that often, I have to admit.



Can you take a look at the gameplay and tell me that doesn’t look interesting. It seems like a super cool combination of Skyrim is open world in Diablo’s dungeon crawling and loot/inventory management crime top into a multiplayer title that somewhat resembles tech lands previous cult classic – Dead Island.


Perhaps with the upcoming Dying Light 2 development coming to an end Techland might be able to make a smaller studio and continue the development of this almost forgotten title that never was and make people like me who saw potential and a lot of fun in what little was shown from this games gameplay a reality.




If you never heard about Eitr it’s probably because it never came out. This game was one of those two-dimensional hack and slash titles clearly inspired by the unforgiving and challenging combat with an emphasis of stamina system, the sort that Dark Souls pioneered.


Eitr is supposed to be a Nordic themed hack and slash game where you hack through the legions of enemies all by yourself in a challenging combat where one mistake could be the difference between life and death and it was so hyped, so anticipated before it went completely silent…



There are videos of this game, famous YouTubers playing what seemed to be completely playable versions of the game for lengthy amounts of time get, the final version of the game was never released. The development team went quiet and no one heard from them, at least not in a while.


While the game is still labeled as “in development” I am personally having a hard time convincing myself that I will someday be able to play this game because a game of this kind should not take this long to develop. If I had to guess, the developers probably ran into some legal issues or probably ran out of money – which would be very unfortunate considering that I and most likely many more would be more than happy to support the development through Kickstarter campaigns.


P.T. (Silent Hills)


Even though this game has been officially terminated I still wonder why this is the case. P.T. is what seems to be one of the scariest and one of the best received “playable teasers”of all times (P.T. is not the name of the game, it actually stands for playable trailer or playable teaser).


This demo for what was later revealed to be a completely new and different take on the legendary Silent Hill game franchise couldn’t have had a better reception yet, for reasons only known to Konami, this project still got canceled.


I’m guessing that it has to do with one of its producers leaving the company but, the role could of easily been filled by someone else (or, considering that this was Hideo Kojima that were talking about, maybe it wasn’t such an easy thing to do).



Be that as it may, the termination of the P.T. project left many of us wondering what the game would have been if it got released and most definitely made us feel at a loss for something that we never got.

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