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If you thought that this is a game that follows the “jump out from the plane onto a loan Island and kill everyone until you are the last man standing”, you were wrong. If you didn’t think that, then, you’re not like me because when I first saw Tacticool, I consider it to be just another shot at Battle Royale and didn’t really give it that much attention.



It was the attention that the game deserve because it was far from it.



You see, Tacticool is actually a squad-based shooter, a PVP squad-based shooter where you play with your mates to take out other people squads in a battle of cooperation, wits and strategy. This is a fun and refreshing take on the popular mobile shooters which seems to have been accepted pretty damn well and for one, I am very glad about this.



If you’ve ever played the game, you probably share my enthusiasm about it but if you haven’t, I’m going to dedicate the next block of text to you and try to explain in the best way while also keeping it there short and on point, what this game is all about and ultimately why are going to benefit if you ever choose to hack Tacticool for free money kits and premium kits. So let’s begin, shall we?




Password: ilovebugs




Gameplay mechanics and why you should try it.


As I’ve already said, this is a tactical shooter. More specifically, you take a role of a squad he from a top-down perspective while navigating and arena like level while trying to sinch with your squad mates in an attempt to outplay an enemy squad. Sounds like a pretty basic stuff, doesn’t it? If you came to this conclusion, you’re right and this game is pretty much like that in its entirety.



What I’m mostly fascinated by is how well this has been pulled off. For mobile game, this has surprisingly tight control system that is both intuitive and functional at the same time. Cases of latency are extremely rare and during the time that I’ve played this game, there weren’t that many disconnections and even those that did happen, I assume that they were caused by rage quitters.





Why you should hack Tacticool for free premium kits?



Premium kits as well is money kits can be hacked with this online generator. You want to do this because essentially, all of the good stuff is locked and unavailable to you unless you are willing to pay for it or grind for a ridiculous amount of times before you are allowed to reap the rewards of your work.



This is not uncommon in mobile games. To be fair, this is unfortunately becoming a standard even outside the mobile gaming scene and I for one am not okay with it. This is precisely why I am spreading the word of hacks like this one that will help you and everyone else for that matter who’s willing to act on their own and generate free resources this way.



Now I’m not saying that you should never purchase anything because you should. This game is good enough in its own and it can offer dozens of hours of fun even if you play it conclusively is a free user so, if you ever have a chance, consider “investing” a couple of dollars into this game, letting the developers know that you appreciate the work that they’re doing and as it is common nowadays to say, “buy them a beer”.




Operating the Tacticool generator to get free goodies





This is nothing complicated. What you need to do is to go where the generator is in order to hack free kits both premium and money for Tacticool. You can achieve this by tapping on the red button that you’ve seen on this page which will immediately take you to where you want to be.



Important thing to know is that you can repeat this process for as many times as you like. Whatever your supplies run dry, your free to come back and redo this once again although, I have to warn you, I’m not sure how long this is going to be effective. Games like Tacticool, online multiplayer games to be more specific are usually and frequently updated not just with new content and cosmetic items but also with some changes to the game logic itself so each and every update might be the last one where the generators going to be effective so, take advantage of the situation while it lasts and reap the long-term benefits.



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