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Sky Children of the Light – now you can hack unlimited Candles for free!



Sky Children of the Light is one of those pretty games that I really enjoy. This game has been undoubtably inspired by some past games that left quite the impact on this genre but, I’m not about to talk about that today. What I wanted to tell you is that if you haven’t played this game, you most definitely should. This game represents the things that are good and the gaming industry and I really want more people to be aware of games like these so, if you have the time, if you don’t have anything to do or generally if you’re looking for something new and interesting to play, give Sky Children of the Light.



Also, do not forget that this is a Sky Children of the Light hack that were talking about and even though you don’t really and it’s in order to play and enjoy the game or appreciate it, this is still something that exists and that I want you to be aware of so let’s begin and let’s see what all of this is about.




Password: ilovebugs




First and foremost, what is Sky Children of the Light?



This is an expiration game, a platform or at its core where you usually fly around the world trying to solve puzzles and help other people do the same thing. And yes, this game does have a multiplayer although it is not something that you can see in many different games. Is a very special kind of multiplayer where you not even battle with others, instead you help them but, helping them in part of the game as well because you get to talk, you get to chat, everything that you do is to use a couple of emotes that you have in game to try and explain to others what they need to do were simply and quite literally grab their hand and take them where they need to be.



These emotes that I’ve just mentioned are what’s important here because candles, a sort of a premium currency of this game as well is the only thing that you will be collecting, they are needed if you want to unlock emotes that will let you communicate with the rest of the players more effectively.



This is of course only one of the things that you can get. Cosmetic items as well as upgrades for the aforementioned emotes can be earned this way and even though candles can be obtained by playing the game and even though I strongly recommend you play this game and try to do that on your own, I really that some people simply want all of the stuff straight away or perhaps you’ve lost a save file and I want to catch up… I really don’t care why you use them, the important thing is that you can do that and I’m going to tell you just how to do it.






Sky Children of the Light Hack for free Candles. How to use it?



You do this by pressing the button located on this page which will then take you to another part of this website from where you can actually hack the game and grab as many candles. And that’s it, has the whole thing.



You might be wondering if this is free to use to which I’m only going to tell you that I have tested this and that I had absolutely no problems and that I consider that this game cheat is incredibly well done and completely safe to use however, use it of your own discretion because you never know what may happen and at the end of the day, cheating in games is not allowed.



If you want to try this game out for yourself, you can download it using these links that I’m going to leave here for you:



Android version of the game



And of course, after a long time the games finally available for the iOS as well so here’s the iOS download link:



iOS version of the game



What you do now is up to you. You can download the game and plates as intended or you can simply grab everything straight away and still enjoy the game because you know what, no matter what you do still going enjoy this game because the game is amazing and I really like it and I can’t stress enough how much I like this game and I hope you like it as much cited.




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