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Pixel Gun 3D… If you have never played this amazing mobile first-person shooter game that you missed on quite a lot. This blocky game follows in the footsteps of the legendary arena shooter’s of the 90’s and early 2000’s which for all the find by twitch shooting, fast-paced gameplay and even faster reflexes.



Needless to say, I’ve played this game quite a lot as well as the games that inspired it for quite some time. For me, these are the titles and feel so close to home and I always enjoy hearing about and playing some of these games. It was the same with Pixel Gun 3D and I simply needed to talk about this game here on my website.



I’m not going to drag on for too long but, I feel like I need to put a little bit of context here in order for you to be able to fully appreciate what this hack is all about and how it is going to improve your game and make it more enjoyable so, without further ado, let us the question and try to answer it…




Password: ilovebugs




What exactly is Pixel Gun 3D?


So as already said, this is a fast-paced first-person shooter for mobile devices available on both iOS and Android. You can download and play the game free. You do not ever need to spend a single dollar on this title. You can play it in enjoy all of its content forever for free. However…



Some games are just better when you “invest” a little bit in them. Pixel Gun 3D is one of those games. If you have the chance, if you have the money if you’re okay with spending money on a videogame, I would like to ask you to try and “donate” at least something to this amazing video games developers. Donating to game ensures that this game stays alive for a while longer and that we get frequent updates and new content with them. It’s good for the overall game health.



In case of Pixel Gun 3D it means that were going to get new maps, new skins and new guns and maybe even your game mods. This is a goal worth pursuing and I’m going up with my money where my mouth is and make an in game purchase myself despite the fact that I have the opportunity to hack Pixel Gun 3D and get both gems and coins for free in unlimited quantities.



Speaking of which, how exactly can you hack this game what you get by it?






What are the benefits of hacking Pixel Gun 3D?



Use the cheats in this game, you unlock access to the things that are usually not available to freemium user. Only those with gems can obtain the coolest skins and the hottest guns that you can use to have even more fun in this game. In the content goes way beyond skins and guns.



I’m not even going to list all of it because it’s kind of spoiling the game for you in the long run. I want you to be able to experience this for yourself with the same expression of excitement that I had when I first started playing this game. And this is not something that happens occasionally. I’m not a mobile gamer, I play games and consoles and PC as well and those games are, let’s just be honest here, much better, much more complete. Pixel Gun 3D can easily compare with some of the coolest arena shooters that you can find PC and that’s why I think that it deserves your attention and that’s why you should donate the game and hack it afterwards.



How to hack Pixel Gun 3D?




In case you haven’t figured out already, there is a button this page and you can press. If you press that button, you’re going to be taken to another website where everything is explained and you’ll be given the opportunity to hack Pixel Gun 3D and generate seamlessly infinite amounts of both coins and gems for your account so, knock yourself out and grab as many as you want, it’s free.


Android download

iOS download



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