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AFK Arena Diamons Hack for Quick, Easy and Free Progression!



What exactly is AFK Arena? To be fair, I like this game at all. In fact I do not like any of these games where you play the game by not playing the game. AFK stands for “away from keyboard” and even though there’s not really a keyboard required to play this game, the terms somewhat evolved and changed as the technology around it changed as well so when you say AFK nowadays, what you probably mean is that the person you’re referring is not on their device.


Typical examples of AFK are when somebody quickly leaves the game to grab a snack or drink the water or to answer the call of nature by visiting the bathroom. Those are all valid afk examples but would you believe me if I told you that there is a group of game that revolves around this particular mechanic, the mechanic not playing the game and that is what AFK Arena is all about.


You’re playing this game to get better at it so that you don’t have to play it as much as you normally would. I mean, I want to judge anyone but that’s kinda contradictory to what video games are all about but nevertheless, I digress.
I can’t really give you any advice (other than how to hack AFK Arena with these cheats for free diamonds) as I haven’t really try to play this game, I just looked at it on a surface level, I was really disappointed that something like this was popular and decided to just jump straight off on to the article and explain how to hack AFK Arena.




Password: ilovebugs



AFK Arena the gameplay and mechanics.



Before we get to the hack, even though I already talked about the game for good part, I still haven’t touched its gameplay. This is again mostly because the game playing this game is pretty much nonexistent.


What you do is that you summon heroes and by seven heroes I mean you purchase and open loot boxes hoping to get a hero that you want so that you can add it to your roster and the team that you can then leave to play on their own.
But that’s not enough. Getting the hero is not going to cut it. You have to get that particular hero couple of times if you want to make it any good because when you get to same heroes, you can fuse them to get an improved version of the same hero with increased stats and boosted attack.


Of course, this fits perfectly into the micro-transaction trend where you have absolutely no control over what you’re getting and the only way to get what you want is to keep spending money on “summons”which is just a fancy name for loot box and hope that this time you get what you are actually after.
So how about we hack AFK Arena instead and grab those diamonds for free!





Tips and tricks? How about an AFK Arena hack to avoid loot-boxes whatsoever?



As I’ve already stated, you really try to get into this game. I don’t find it interesting so I just skipped most of it and focused on getting the hack for free diamonds to work. Of course, it was a fruitful endeavor and I was able to make this run on my device without any problems and are going to point you in the right direction so that you can benefit from this as well.


You can find a detailed instruction on the page that holds the program itself which you can get to by pressing the button on this page (underneath and above this paragraph).


This program can then be used to get exactly what you want, grab a large quantity of diamonds for free and be over with the loot boxes and the disgusting, predatory nature of this game and its monetization mechanics.


Grabbing a batch of diamonds for free will ensure that you can “summon” is be here as you want and most likely upgrade the ones that you wanted to upgrade but if you don’t get as lucky as you are supposed to, you can always grab some more diamonds because there’s no limit on this thing!







And that’s about all you need to know about AFK Arena and it’s hack.



Yeah, I’m not really subtle about not liking this game. I said openly but I don’t really judge you for liking it. To be fair, this might be really good game. I can tell that the art style is really cool and that there was some thought and a lot of skill that went into it.


The mechanics could also be really good but I can see them as anything but pure luck since the majority of the games “skill”is based upon a pure luck factor of whether or not you get the heroes that you. This means that if you play the game for enough time and if you spend a lot of money on it, eventually, regardless of whether or not you can actually play the game and know what you’re doing, you will be better than the rest and this is the kind of game design that I avoid in a very wide arch.


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