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My Story Choose your story hack for free


Get control over your choices with this My Story Choose Your Own Path hack for free Diamonds and Tickets!



Just recently I talked about similar game with similar game mechanics and progression and explained just why it is so important to have a freedom of choice in a game like this which is all about the choices.



It is game even has it in its title. It clearly says “choose your own path”and if you ask me, a title like this misleading because the way that it’s handled, it would be more appropriate to be called “pay to choose your own path”.



So what is it about this game that makes it hard to play the way it is. What is it that would justify the use of a hack for free tickets and diamonds? In fact, what are these tickets and diamonds in the first place and why should you care about them is player?



Transferred as questions, we have to take a look at the game first and realize the core gameplay that is being damaged by the game’s choices to include premium currency as a token that you need to have when making your choices.




Password: ilovebugs



How diamonds and tickets impact this games playability?



This is a game where you pick a story from a large library of scenarios available and you play through it by reading the text, watching the slides and most importantly, making choices instead of the protagonist to directly impact the way that the story unfolds.



There is only one catch to it. In order to start a story you must pay the price in tickets. These tickets are required to play a specific chapter of a specific story and unless you pay for them you’re going to have to wait for a while before you’re allowed to play the game again. This is an all that bad on its own since the game is free to play and everything but, diamonds, they are a lot different.



So the entire purpose of diamonds is to allow you to make what I call “premium choices”. There shouldn’t ever be something like premium choice. If one choice is clearly better than the other one, then it’s not really a choice. My Story Choose Your Own Path does exactly this and makes it so that at points you are presented with choices that are clearly better than force and what the game does is that it locks the “good choice” by making it so that you have to pay with diamonds in order to pick that particular choice.



This is exactly why you should hack My Story Choose Your Own Path and get free diamonds as well as tickets with our cheat tool and it is also why I’m going to explain how you can do it.






How to use My Story Choose Your Own Path cheats?





To hack this game and grab free diamonds and tickets, you have to go far. In fact, you’ve probably seen a button this page already and wondered what it does. What it does is that, upon pressing it, you’re going to be taken to where you need to be in order to use the cheat and obtain free resources.



A couple of things that you should know about this generator is that it is completely located online. This means that there is no need for you to download anything or install software on your device. It will run on both iOS and Android powered devices as well as computers and in fact anything that has an access to the Internet and can open websites.



So in other words, it is irrelevant what you use to browse the web first long as you can browse it, you will be able to use this cheat tool to your advantage and obtain free resources for your game profile.



The detailed instructions can be found on that page so look therefore more information.





And now the game becomes truly about YOUR choices!



That you can choose the answers and actions that you truly want, this game becomes about your choices. This is no longer a forced choice making impacted by the amount of diamonds that you have.



You no longer have to stop playing the game simply because you don’t have any more tickets to continue and most importantly, you have to play a scenario that you don’t actually like them to because you cannot afford to unlock the other one.



All in all, this can be viewed as an unlocker for My Story Choose Your Own Path. The game on its own shouldn’t be viewed as anything but a demo of what it is once you actually hack it. And now that you have, you have the opportunity to experience everything the way that it was supposed to be experienced in the first place before micro-transactions and premium resources took that away.



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