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Updated version of Merge Dragons Hack is out




You may now hack Merge Dragons easily to get a lot of Gems for free!



If you’ve been playing Merge Dragons , you know how addictive this game can be. You also know how demanding he can be to keep track of all the dragons you made all the resources that you need animal the progress and requirements in general.



This might no longer be the case. The game may turn from fun but taxing to fun and not that taxing anymore with the introduction of this simple hack that allows the players to grab a lot of gems in just a couple of minutes thanks to this amazing new hack that I’m going to tell you all you need to know about in just a couple of minutes.


However, I don’t want to go head’s in first but instead, I want to take a moment to take a look at the game and see what are the benefits of something like this and why would you as a player wants to potentially ruin your time with the game game with a cheat that might take all the fun away from the. Of course, this could be the case with some players and that’s why it is important to realize what this hack is all about and what is going to do for you and your game.




Password: ilovebugs




What are the benefits of Merge Dragons hack?


This is a game about experimentation. Experimenting with different types of dragons is core of this game and arguably the most interesting part of it. If you play a legacy game like Pokemon you are immediately going to notice some similarities between the two games and while one of them is all about going out and obtaining as many different types of critters as possible, the other one is staying about staying “inside”and experimenting with what you have in order to make something new.





The resources in this game are very useful. You don’t need dragons, but resources as well and with those resources you can directly control the flow of the game make things happen faster and much easier. If you’re having problem with particularly hard portion of the game you can make it much easier with just the right amount of gems or, if some thing is taking a lot of time to complete you can speed it up or instantly complete it if you can afford to pay the asking price and gems.



So, is this Merge Dragons cheat the thing you need?



That’s a question that only you can answer. While this will make your game easier, it’s also going to take away the sense of accomplishment that comes when you play the game traditionally. Waiting for something to complete for an extensive amount of time can actually feel good at the end. I know that it’s a silly comparison but you know that feeling when you’re wearing a pair of slightly smaller shoes and then you finally come home and take them off. It feels like heaven and that is kind of similar how waiting for something for a long time to complete or winning a battle with odds clearly tipped against you.



So, if you’re more of a casual player or you hit a stage of the game where everything is taking forever to complete, if you’re out of options and out of ideas and generally if you want to speed things up a little bit, then you nothing like Merge Dragons hack is definitely going to be beneficial for your gameplay and directly impact your overall enjoyment of this game.



The other hand, those of you who seek challenge and love to get hit with a dopamine boost every now and then, you might want to sit this one out or at least go with the smaller amount of gems so that you can still get something but maybe not too much of it.



The third option is of course to just get the gems through this cheat tool and simply save them for later when you really need them or when you really can’t afford to wait.




OK, so how do you hack Merge Dragons?




Believe it or not, it’s very simple. All you need to do is to use one of those buttons located on this website and you will be taken to a page where everything is going to be explained to you. The process of Merge Dragons hacking is extremely simplified in order to be accessible to everyone so you won’t have any problems figuring it out for yourself and even if you do, there are explanations written everywhere.



Download the game for Android and iOS using these links.



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