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Just like many other strategy games, Last Shelter Survival is all about resource and unit management. Units are managed tactically, you need to understand the fundamentals of the game, how they work and the specific role of the each unit that you have. There is also the base management, structure placement, power distribution and all that stuff that doesn’t sound like that but it is actually a lot of fun to keep a track of.



However, all of these managements as taxing timewise as they are, they are minor compared to the most notorious management that you can never have enough strategy game that is of course the resource management. The more resources you have the harder it gets and when we’re talking strictly about mobile games, these real-time, turn-based or grid-based strategies are the most notorious simply because every single mobile game nowadays that is free to play simply must include some sort of premium resource.



In particular case of Last Shelter Survival, it is a diamond and these diamonds can be purchased for real money to give you all sorts of different advantages even against other players putting the game on the list of pay to win titles.



But it’s not like there’s no way around it. If everybody has access to diamonds than everyone is on the equal footing and that is something that we are trying to achieve here with this Last Shelter Survival diamonds hack.




Password: ilovebugs




What is the significance of diamonds and why would you want to hack them?



So basically, diamonds can replace any other resource in the game. Do not directly replace these resources but they are used to purchase packs of different resources which means that if you have all a lot of diamonds are never going to go drive in any particular resource as you can always get more of it by exchanging diamonds for it.



Other thing is that the diamonds in Last Shelter Survival can be used to upgrade and speed up your game. You can get more powerful through their usage and you can get better results faster than other players which means a lot since this is a player versus player environment that we’re talking about.



Blatantly but, this is a pay to win game and if you have a lot of money and you are willing to spend it all on the game, you are undoubtedly going to win. The alternative to this is to simply use Last Shelter Survival generator for free diamonds and hack your way through the game and that is something that I willing to help you achieve.





Here are some useful tips Last Shelter Survival that I’ve figured out:



So, I haven’t played this game for a very long time but during the time that I did, I figured out that the efficient base management is very helpful but from what I’ve seen, not many people were aware how to do it properly so, here are my thoughts and tips on how to make your base as efficient as possible.



The simplest way to achieve more efficiency is to know which buildings to prioritize when it comes roads and connecting those buildings to the roads.



Storages are a must. You have to have your storages connected to your roads. Without them, any benefits from attacking and pillaging other players are going to be forfeit. You have to make your storages available for your trucks so that they can store any pillaged goods.



Speaking of pillaging, you’re almost certainly going to have some wounded soldiers after those so, you’re going to want to have some hospitals but, quite contrary to popular belief, you really need that many hospitals and more importantly, you really need to have more than one hospital connected to a road – or at least that’s how it is in the early game.



Houses, they have to be connected to road if you want to have your population going up to 100%. If you cut off a road, it’s almost instantly going to drop down to 66% and will keep dropping down until you find a viable problem. In other words it’s going to produce less resources by the same time cost you more of those.




So how to hack Last Shelter Survival and instantly get good at the game?





Well, first thing you need to understand is that this hack for free diamonds in Last Shelter Survival is not going to make you good miraculously. It is going to significantly make the game easier or, the more appropriate term would be more accessible because you’re still going to have to manage battles with other players even though you will be able to afford the military technology and manpower required for that.



This is not a god mode, the next best thing so, if you want to check it out press the button on this page and you will be taken to where you want to be.



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