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Learn the easy way to hack Hero Wars and grab free Emeralds!



At this point pretty much everyone has either seen or heard about the overly advertised online strategy game called Hero Wars. The advertisement for this online game can be found pretty much everywhere and it is initially how I learned of it’s existence but, I have to say that the things that I saw in the things that I got to experience could not be further from one another so yeah, basically what I’m trying to say is that this game is doing false advertisement and it’s one of the things that I wanted to briefly go over.



Of course, I will explain how to hack the game as well and obtain all those precious emeralds that you came here for but let’s talk about the game a little bit first and what you can expect out of it if you haven’t got the opportunity to play it for yourself.




Password: ilovebugs





So what exactly can you expect from Hero Wars?



If you are like me and you’ve learned of this game through the online advertisement, you are probably going to be disappointed and straightforward stuff because the way this gives advertised has nothing to do with the actual gameplay. The advertisement makes it seem like it’s some kind of physics-based puzzle game where you go through the levels by solving the puzzles revolving around you making a way through the level for your hero so that he can obtain the loot while simultaneously keeping them out of the harms way.



Unfortunately, the game has nothing to do with the advertisement and this is quite the shame actually since the advertised game mechanics are in my honest opinion much more interesting than the ones that are in the actual game. This however the doesn’t have to mean that you won’t like the core game, everything becomes much more interesting once you hack it and are able to play around without having to worry about it.



To be honest in my personal opinion idle games are not interesting at all but if you’re into those, you might be able to appreciate what Hero Wars Has to offer because that is exactly what this game is.




So how do you profit from Hero Wars cheats for free Emeralds?


It is pretty straightforward and rather easy to achieve. The above-mentioned hack for Hero Wars is going to allow the player to effortlessly manipulate the rules of the game in order to give them self advantage by adding the amount of emeralds to their account that they deem fit.



It is exactly like the other game hacks for mobile games that revolve around specific resource. This one also gives player the option of unlimited premium resource whenever you need a helping hand. What you need to do in order to get this to work is to operate the tool located on this website. You will need to press a button on this page that will take you to another part of the website where you will have unlimited access to Hero Wars cheats which in turn gives you unlimited access to premium resource known as the emerald.



You can do this as many times you want and whenever you feel like it. There are no limitations whatsoever although, I would advise you to take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts because you never know what might go wrong and whether or not this same generator is going to work tomorrow.




So, Hero Wars. Yes or no?



Personally, I’m not a huge fan of games like this. The idea of not playing the game in order to progress through it just doesn’t seem appealing to me however, that’s my personal opinion and you might like what this particular genre has to offer.



Another reason I would not recommend this game is of course the example of false advertising. The game is being advertised to make you believe that it’s something that it isn’t which is something that I will personally never approve of but, if you’re okay with this and are looking for a new idle game to play then by all means, give this one a try.



To be fair, the game is not bad for what it is. It is also not that much different from other idle games that I’ve seen that had pretty good scores and are a lot popular so, if this particular title is a copy of the more popular game than it might not be that bad at all.



Download the game here

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