Half Life Getting a New Chapter!!!

Half Life New Chapter Xen


The original Half Life is getting a new Chapter!


It’s been over 20 years since the original Half Life game launched back in ’97. This game was a huge deal for the time and the impact that it made on the market back then can still be felt nowadays. Furthermore, this game laid the foundation for what is one of the most influential and definitely one of the most popular competitive video games of all time – Counter Strike.


It is no wonder that a game like this is still not forgotten. On the one hand we have a cult of fans that are still active, still playing and still making videos about the game and, I’m pretty sure that some are still writing about it as well. The other hand, we have those who hope to see the following installment in the game that they’ve been talking about for the past decade.


For those people and those who simply loved the original as well is you who haven’t been able to play it or have been unable to fully immerse yourself in more than two decades old game, something interesting is looming on the horizon.


More than two decades later, Half Life Xen is happening!


That’s right, you’ve heard me, Half Life is getting a new chapter it is going to be all about them is to use plane of Xen! But what exactly is Xen?


For those of you who didn’t notice that I’ve of the link to the website explaining everything that you need to know about Xen, I’m going to tell you that this is a whole different plane from where the creatures of the Half Life that are mostly enemies originally hail from.


New Half Life Chapter


This is by all means an alien world filled with alien life forms of both flora and fauna. It is a place that can make you feel uneasy but it is not completely without its own beauty. It is a place with low gravity that served as a perfect opportunity to introduce more platforming elements to the original game and sadly, it is a place that hasn’t really been explored that much… That is until now of course!


Half Life Xen is not an official game however, is been made by a devoted group of fans who already have an amazing project behind the. If you are not familiar with Black Mesa I suggest that you check it out. This is an amazing opportunity for nostalgic fans as well as those who haven’t got the chance to try out the game for themselves to finally give it a go within this new, remastered but not at all reimagined world of Half Life. Everything that you see in this game is going to be exactly as it was back in ’97 with the exception that it’s going to look much more better, much more modern and probably much more like it was originally envisioned by the original developer team – Seirra.


Unlike Black Mesa, Xen is a completely new game


While Black Mesa was sort of a re-master, Xen promises a completely new experience that no one has ever seen before. This is how the team of fans feels like this alien world could have been and should have been if there was more time to develop Half Life further.



This isn’t just a re-imagining of something, following in someone else’s footsteps, this is a whole new chapter being added to world that millions of players became in love with over the past 20+ years. Xen has the potential of being the next best thing and possibly a game that is going to fill the void left by the Half Life 3 that never came to be.


This could be much bigger than it already is however. If proven to be good as I’m pretty sure it will be, this could open up the door for a completely new game from the games developers themselves but, let’s not go into the wishful thinking area for now and let’s just appreciate what we have here and now.


If you haven’t got the opportunity to play Black Mesa already, I recommend you do it. You can pick it out on Steam for a steal or a wait for the next sale and get it for ridiculously low price. After it comes out, Xen will be added to the game as a free update so you’re technically getting two games for the price of $20 USD.

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