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Football Strike is an interesting football themed game that revolves exclusively around what I have come to call “penalty kick trick shots”. Basically, this is not too much different from regular penalty kicks in football but, the amount of freedom that you have and considering how easy it is to pull the most insane penalty kick shots puts this a little bit above the normal game’s rules making it seem like a penalty kick dream rather than reality. Needless to say, the slightly less realistic nature of these shots does not have anything to do with the games overall fun factor in fact it personally makes the game that much more enjoyable in my case.



So, there’s no football to be had here. You not play a standard game of football, you only get to shot penalty kicks so this is not your everyday game of football. Does this make the game feel like it lacking something? No, I don’t personally feel that way.



So what you want to hack this game and grab free cash and coins?




Password: ilovebugs





What makes Football Strike good and what’s the point of the hack?



This game has a progression system. You are to earn money by betting on what or not you’re going to win the match and then try to outplay her opponent and pick the betting prize money. It’s very simple.



You should the ball by dragging your finger across the screen after which the ball will try to mimic the pattern that you drew with your finger as closely as possible. But it’s not all that simple. You see, the ball still acts pretty much as your regular football ball would. It cannot zigzag and change directions me there, it has to be slightly rotated in the changes will come gradually, not instantaneously. Curves are the core aspect of the game but you cannot make impossible things happen.



What you can do is to upgrade your character and put some points into one of their stats, you can upgrade many things like power and curve which will affect how strong your kicks are and how much you can impact the balls movement mid air. For all of these, you are going to need cash of course and the cash can be obtained by spending your real life money on it. And this is where the Football Strike hack comes into play.







How can you hack Football Strike for yourself and how safe is it?




Safety first so, I’ll start by saying that something like this particular Football Strike is very safe to use. I have personally tested this application and I can tell you that there’s nothing fishy about it. The security on this particular cheat is top-notch and even after multiple uses I haven’t experienced any problems or even have the slightest doubt that something might’ve went the wrong and that I have been exposed as a cheater.



You can use this for yourself whenever you feel like it simply by interacting with the buttons that you can find on this page. Upon interaction, these buttons are going to take you to someplace else where you will be able to fully enjoy the benefits of a generator whenever you feel like you could use a helping hand in the fresh supply of both coins and cash.


How long is this going to work?



One thing that I would like to mention is that you can always come back and use this. There are no limitations as to how many times you can repeat the process but I would like to mention that something like this might not be available forever. Due to the games constant updates, these exploits that are being used to practically smuggle resources for the players might not be around forever and as a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that they’re going to get patched in one of the upcoming updates as the game developers seem to be growing where of the fact that someone is hacking the game to make it more accessible without them having any profit from it. So yeah, use this opportunity while you have the chance.



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