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Chess Rush is one of the games that’s been following the latest trend. If you have been playing games and multiple platforms you might’ve heard about the popular strategy game with the layout that looks like chess which ironically has nothing to do with the actual chess. I’m talking of course about the Auto Chess map for one of the oldest moba games and definitely one of the most popular ones – Defense of the Ancients or just DOTA for friends.



To say that Chess Rush isn’t a complete ripoff of the aforementioned game would be a lie. This is exactly what it looks like and that’s a ripoff. But the inherently makes it a bad game? Well no, it actually doesn’t. The game won’t offer you anything new that you haven’t seen it already in the Auto Chess map but it provides for a nice substitute if you have a craving to play the real deal that you simply can’t on the go because it’s exclusive PC title.




Password: ilovebugs





So if this is just a clone, why should you play it?



Clone or not, this is a pretty good game. It doesn’t really matter that it took all of its inspiration from other game, Chess Rush it still a pretty good game. If you’re into tactical, turn-based strategy games you can go wrong this one. Sure, it’s to call of its ideas from an already existing titles button, so did everyone else. Pretty much every game that you see has been inspired by something that already exists which has been reworked a little bit and added its own flavor. This is exactly what Chess Rush is.



There is no exception though. You can hack Chess Rush and get vouchers for free. Vouchers are premium currency they can be used to improve your game in every possible way. The players that have vouchers control how the game plays and are in direct control of what they want to do. Having access to unlimited vouchers is a very good reason to play this game rather than another of its kind because you will be playing full, “unlocked” version of the game where you can do whatever you want while other games that are also free to play might restrict you and take that freedom away until you decide to spend some money on premium currency.





So how do you get the most out of Chess Rush cheats?



This is very simple actually and you not need any special knowledge in order to do this. This is a simple program like pretty much everything else that you can download online with the exception that you don’t actually need to download anything. The entirety of this Chess Rush hack can be accessed simply through the Internet browser without ever having to download anything (except of course for the Internet browser itself).



The way to access it is through the button which is present on this page. Pressing the button will take you to another part of the website where everything that you need to know will be shown to you and all of the tools required to hack this game will be made available.



The important thing to remember is that this is completely free and you can use it whenever you feel like using it and for as many times as you want. Another thing that I would like to mention is that something like this doesn’t really last long so it would be best for you to take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts and grab those vouchers while you still have the chance.



So, Chess Rush. Should you play it or not?



Absolutely. Give it a go, you don’t have anything to. This is a free to play game and with the access to Chess Rush hack which allows you to obtain free vouchers when you feel like it, you really have anything to lose here. As I’ve already mentioned, the game is pretty good on its own despite the fact that it is a shameless clone of another game it is a good kind of clone.



So yeah I think that this game is going to be a substantial replacement if you’re looking for this particular type of game play. Go for it, you don’t have anything to lose.



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