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With the Gamescom behind us, these are the games that everyone is talking about!


Kerbal Space Program 2


Kerbal Space Program is a space game simulator where you first have to go to space. It sounds simple enough but it’s everything but simple. This is a really cool game and if you’re into space program simulations, there is no other game like Kerbal Space Program.


I can’t really tell you much because from what we were being shown you can really get a lot of info. It looks great and while I don’t think that this is the actual gameplay footage, I can assure that it is really matter what were talking about this game because this is one of those that could look awful and still be an amazing experience.



Little Nightmares II


Little nightmares is another sequel. If you’ve missed the original game, and you happen to be a fan of possible platforms, this game can be the one that you should try out. This time around, Little Nightmares return with new gameplay elements and most importantly added co-op mode because Six (the protagonists of the first game) now has a companion to go alongside with her adding go of elements to the already interesting gameplay mechanics.



Marvel’s Avengers


Let is just disregard the fact that this game leaked a couple of weeks ago…


Possibly the biggest thing about this is that it is going to include co-op while letting you play as any of the characters.


While this game is not really groundbreaking or that much interesting, it still has a long way to go in the fact that it is set in the Marvels diverse is going to undoubtedly interest a lot of people, most likely Marvel fans.


The game allows you to play as a large number of iconic characters from the multi-verse, each of them with their own unique gameplay style.



Need For Speed Heat


The return of the classic racer game with all of the features that we loved back in the day when it was first announced. We were showed some really interesting gameplay as well is the differences between day and night cycle. The heat systems back and it’s more impactful than ever because once again, police chases are a thing in Need for Speed game.


We will be able to participate in races during the day that will earnest money to improve our ride for the clash with the police during the night in a game of high risks and higher rewards.


This seems like a nice change of pace from the horrible narrative that was present in the Payback at all that’s left to do now is to wait and see what or not this game is going to be fun to play when it releases.





Some might remember play stations Eric that was announced a while ago and just disappeared. It looks like it reemerged and we now have some details about this live-action story driven game.


So what is this actually? If you like titles like Detroit: Become Human or Beyond: Two Souls, this is going to be a treat for you. It has pretty much exactly the same choice and consequences during gameplay but with one exception that everything that you see is not going to be a rendered 3D model or static backdrop and instead live-action movie with real actors.


Personally, I see this is a gimmick as many have already tried pulling off things like these and to say that I wasn’t really engaged in any of those would be an understatement however, always up for trying something new so, I’ll keep my eyes open for more Eric.


As of now this is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.





This is one of the games that I really seem to be interested in. The gameplay reminds me a lot of a mixture of Mirrors Edge mixed up some combat from Dishonored and to be honest with you, this is kind of a perfect gameplay for me. Fast, movement with tight controls and a lot of movement options as always been something that I welcomed in my games.


Ghostrunner is still in early stage of development and has a long way to go before being released but, the developer said that they were inspired a little bit by Superhot and therefore, game does feature some bullet time, bullet evading in slow motion and stuff like that and they’re looking forward to implement the option which will allow you to deflect the bullets back onto the shooters.


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