Best Games That You Can Play in 2019 – Part One

Top games in 2019

Best games of the first half of 2019 – Part One


Every year we like to take a look back and see what amazing experiences we’ve had this year. This time around, were going to take a look back at the half of the year concerning how many amazing the games were released in the first half of 2019.


So let’s take a look back and see what we’ve got already in 2019!


Resident Evil 2 Remake


You already know how much I love this game. I’ve mentioned it in multiple occasions and it’s for good reason that I am a fan once again. This game has been around for what seems like an eternity now, the end it has amassed a huge fan base over the years. Some of the entries were better than the rest and the fan base kinda splits a couple of years ago with the sixth main installment in the franchise and even though I like the game itself, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that the game was going in the wrong direction.


Thankfully, in 2019 the games back on its original track with the remade version of the original Resident Evil 2. I could talk about this game for a very long time. I can tell you why I like it and what improvements did they make while also keeping everything that made the original as iconic as it I’m not going to do that because it would take a lot of time instead, I’m just going to say that I was very, very excited about this game when I heard that it was happening and despite having my bar of expectations raised to a very high level, they still managed to and deliver one helluva gaming experience!



Mortal Kombat 11


Another gory classic but this time around, it’s not even a horror game but a gimmicky fighter Mortal Kombat 11! Even though it started is a bloodied gimmick, it’s turned out to be an exceptional fighting game with a bloodied gimmick and even though these fatalities are often over the top and I don’t really appreciate them as I did when I was 10 years old, I still find it bloody hilarious as in literally bloody hilarious.


Mortal Kombat 11 is a fantastic fighting game. It is the similar but improved take on the Mortal Kombat fighting mechanic that we’ve all grown to know and love at this point and even though the game has some rather unethical and predatory monetization’s, it is still a fantastic game at its core if we are able to ignore some of the things that are not directly tied to the gameplay mechanics themselves.



Kingdom Hearts 3


Kingdom Hearts is one of those games that was been anticipated for like forever and what or not in the end we got will be hoped for is a story for another time but, the important thing is that we got a new Kingdom Hearts game and that all in all, it was generally a good one.

Personally, I’ve been a fan of this game but not like a diehard fan like some of you out there and, considering what the old games were and how they were executed, I was pretty happy with what I got here. The story itself is really good, just like we have learned to expect from the Square Enix/Disney collaboration even though there were some weird parts that I think that the game could go without but, I guess that they all have their own charm and that they are a part of a larger package and maybe without them, it wouldn’t have been the same.


Story wise, and story is the primary reason why most of us play these games was good and it was all that I was asking for even though I absolutely loved the combat in gameplay mechanics of Kingdom Hearts 2.

Devil May Cry 5


Possibly my favorite game in the entire world and definitely my favorite from this list, is the one and only Devil May Cry. After 11 years of we have finally got a true successor to Dell May Cry 4 and, even though I very much loved the spinoff and have invested a lot and a lot of time into it, nothing can really top of the original games in the field that they had. Nothing accept for the Devil May Cry 5 that is.


This game is everything that I have hoped it to be. It has a tight control system with intuitive and complex combat system that we all know and love, it has a divide variety of moves, kick ass music to go around with it, a lot of enemies to battle, insane replay ability potential and this time around, we are rocking with three protagonists.



The only drawback to this game is the fact that we didn’t get a playable Vergil which is devastating in my honest opinion and I hope that somewhere in the future we are going to get an update or a definitive version with extra content and Virgil’s own storyline.


Personally, this game alone made 2019 amazing game in here for me.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


New game from the creator of Dark Souls! Was not to like!


This game has completely different although similarly feeling combat. While in the Souls games you had to take it slowly and wait for the enemy to taxa that you can counter them, in Sekiro it’s all about pushing the attack and yeah, I know, this is not the same game as the souls series are, and you should be comparing the two, but so many people are comparing these two games that I felt the need to say it straight off and make the comparison just to let you know that these are not the same games.



For those of you do not know, Sekiro is a spiritual successor to an old game named Tecnhu and it couldn’t have turned out better than it did. If you have the opportunity, definitely give this game try!



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