Best Free Zombie Games For Your Android or iOS Phone!

Zombie games are a genre that has been looked down upon for a while now and to be honest, I actually understand the prejudice surrounding games and media with zombie themes. More often than not, these games have nothing new to offer but just like with everything else, general rules don’t apply everywhere and just like in other videogame genres, zombie games have some exceptional entries that are worth checking out even if you’re not particularly fond of the brain-gnawing undead.

This is what I thought that we could go over some of the most interesting and engaging zombie games that you can play on your smart phone right now!


Dead Trigger 2

No zombie game list is complete without this iconic game. Not only is this one of the coolest and most engaging zombie games that you can plan your smart phone, this is also one of the pioneers of 3D first-person shooters to ever come on a smartphone device.

Being first-person shooter kind of explains what this game is all about but, for those of you who haven’t guessed it, this is a game where you shoot a lot of zombies as well as other undead monstrosities of different shapes and sizes until there are no more left.

The levels can be quite interesting and the objectives can vary from getting alive and shooting everything along your way from point A to point B to defending your position against the tireless undead horde.


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Dead Effect 2

Very similar to (and most likely somewhat inspired by) the previous game, Dead Effect 2 is all about getting rid of the zombie menace in the most creative possible ways. This game has tons of weapons and it allows you to use all of them for your favorite past time on the spaceship which is of course, killing off zombies a way that you like.

From pistols and rifles to punch packing shotguns and grenade launchers to melee weapons like katanas and chainsaws. You name it, Dead Effect 2 most likely has it!

The only downside to this amazing game is that you are going to need a really powerful smart phone if you’re to play this eye candy.


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Into the Dead 2

This one offers a slightly different take on the zombie game genre. These games usually task you with this dispatching as many of these monsters as you possibly can, often pinning you in seemingly unfair rations where you are incredibly outnumbered yet eventually triumphant, and even though Into the Dead 2 definitely does some of that as well, the main objective of this game is not to shoot and kill as much as you can (although you most certainly can do that) but to navigate through the horde, improvise with what you have and overcome the monsters looking to eat your brains.

This is a first-person “runner” game where you do not have full control of your character but instead, you keep moving forward until you either die or complete the game (which is not an easy task!).
Into the Dead 2 is available for free download and is going to run on most modern smart phones without any problems so give it a go!


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Last Day on Earth

Definitely one of the most popular survival games out there, Last Day on Earth combines zombies with survival mechanics and it does that so very good. This is definitely one of the better games that I’ve ever played on a mobile device and I can only recommend it to everybody is looking for a challenging but fair zombie themed survival experience.

This is a mixture of action and strategy where you control your character from a top-down perspective while trying to defeat your enemies who can be computer-controlled zombies or other players looking to trick, kill and rob you of your possessions.

In order to avoid grim death you will have to build a shelter, ensure that you have a supply of fresh food and water and improve every aspect of your life step by step until you become the apex predator. To do this, you will have to explore, endure, overcome and more often than not kill everything in your path.


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Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies is not your typical zombie game. This is not a horror or shooter but instead a strategy game that has cartoonish zombies trying to invade your home. In order to prevent this undead horde from reaching your house and eating your brain, what you need to do is to consider the incoming threat and prepare the best possible defense that you can before the zombies arrive.

To do this, you will need to collect son energy and plants as many different types of well, plants that you consider to be the best suited for the job.

This is a strategy game and every plant that you have come from sunflower and peashooters to cherries and nuts has a very distinct role. Peashooters will shoot peas as the name implies while cherry will explode as soon as the zombie reaches it. Cleverly named wallnuts will act as a wall between you and the zombies making them gnaw through the nut before they are allowed to continue on their path.

Of course, to build all of these you’re going to need son energy and while you can get some over time, sunflowers will play crucial role in amassing large amounts of son energy to prepare a proper defense.


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And there we have it, our list of some of the most interesting and engaging zombie themed games that you can play. From blood and gory shooters to family friendly strategy/puzzle games, these games are bound to offer something for every zombie enthusiast out there. Even though if you’re not a particular fan of zombie game genre, we advise you to take a look at these games for their amazing and fun mechanics.

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