Bored of PC Games? Turn Your PC Into a Console With These Emulators

Console Emulators for PC


Nothing to play on PC? Have you considered Emulators?


We’ve all been there… You’re playing games for days, and before you know it, you through your entire library. When there is no good multiplayer game to keep coming back to or you already played three runs of your favorite single player game you realize that you don’t really have anything to play anymore. This is a situation that all of us been in at least once and whenever I find myself in one of these, I started looking for something new and more often than not I end up finding real gems as places that I wouldn’t have looked if I wasn’t in a situation that was.


With that being said, I was surprised to learn how many of you have never used an emulator. Some players are plainly oblivious to the benefits or even the concepts of these virtual machines that you can run on your system allowing you to play games that are otherwise unplayable.


Wait, what are emulators?


Alright, I admit, this is more of a rhetorical question but, let’s take it step by step.


Emulators are essentially virtual machines that you “make” on your own computer that simulate or in this particular case emulate the behavior of a different system.


Emulators have their own systems within them. They are still using your hardware but they use it in a specific manner that makes it so that it appears and behaves differently so that the virtual machine can interpret it in a way that it is most beneficial for the particular system that you’re trying to emulate. Okay, that’s kinda confusing so let’s just skip it completely…


What’s important is that the emulator will allow you to play for example, PlayStation games on your computer and you would be surprised how many games you can find on different systems that are being either exclusive or simply unplayable on your current machine.


To make it clear, it is illegal to download and play games that you do not physically own so if you want to play a particular game through an emulator, it is necessary to own that game before you download online and emulate it! Do not take this lightly and disregard the warning thinking how it doesn’t really matter because it does and most importantly, if you do not own the game, you are breaking the law by playing it!


With that being said, here are some of the best emulators as well as some of the most iconic games that you can and should play if you don’t have anything better to do.


CEMU – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on PC


CEMU is a Wii-U emulator that is very easy to install and run on a system. When I say very easy I mean that you literally just have to run the program which is going to take care of everything like every other installation.


One of the most popular games on the Nintendo nowadays is of course the legendary Legend of Zelda with its latest installment Breath of the Wild. PC gamers have been looking for ways to play this game for a long time but now it’s finally possible. It is easy to find versions of the CEMU bundled with the game itself that will install and configure the entire emulator in just a couple of clicks. The process might take a lot of time (like couple of hours) but it is always the case with virtual machines and it doesn’t really matter if you have an incredibly powered computer, these can still take a lot of time.





This is practically a legendary emulator by now. It will emulate PlayStation one almost flawlessly and allow you to play pretty much all of its games without any problems and with improved frame rates, resolution, texture size and additional effects that wouldn’t be possible on the original PlayStation.


This is possibly the most stable game console emulator ever to be made. PlayStation itself is a real goldmine when it comes to legendary games that are still worth playing even nowadays. If you don’t mind a blast from the past graphics and somewhat clunky controls that some of these games will definitely have, you will have a lot of fun playing with these games on your modern system.


Probably the best thing about this particular emulator is that he can be ran on computers as well as on Android powered mobile devices. It is stable on both devices and the only exception between the two is that while the PC version is free to use, you will have to pay for the mobile version.


If you ask me, the asking price is well worth the money and would still be acceptable and money well spent even if it was twice as big as it is.




No I did not make a typo and yes, PPSSPP is the actual name this emulator. Just like the previous one, it is a PlayStation emulator but this time for PSP. PSP was a handheld device developed by Sony wasn’t as popular as they hoped that it would’ve been but despite that, it was still a home to a lot of unique and interesting games that are a lot of fun to play even now, years after.


Just like the previous emulator, PPSSPP has a version for desktop and laptop computers as well as Android smart phones so, no matter where you are and where you go you can take your games and play them on the go. Furthermore, this handy little emulator allows for online play so for as long as you have an access to Internet you can play the game with your friends.



Games like Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Tekken 6 and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker should definitely be on your to play list especially if you consider that the last two can be played online, with your friends for a very long time!

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