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How about a hack for some free Airline Commander AC Credits?



When a friend of mine told me that he was playing Airline Commander I thought that he was referring to a similar game which was in fact one of those idle games. I quickly disregarded his recommendations and only later found out that he was actually talking about full interactive almost simulation experience for airplanes on mobile devices.



This is of course the Airline Commander that I’m talking about in this game totally blew me away when I first saw it.
The level of detail that went into this game, the amount of things that you can do and in fact have to worry about and pay close attention to is staggering and it is no wonder that many players might find themselves overwhelmed when they first download and try this game (despite the well-made and in-depth tutorial that it features).



This is what I want to talk to you about it, share you some personal experiences, let you know about what I personally considered to be the pros and cons of it, share some helpful tactics, tips and tricks that I can think of and of course explained to you just how easy it is to hack AC credits with the program that we have set up and running on our servers.



Password: ilovebugs



In case you never heard about Airline Commander…



This is a game designed for people who are enthusiastic about airplanes. You’re just get to fly them, you get to set off and land them as well and you have to do this precisely and almost perfectly to avoid any potential damage that you might cause to your plane and the surroundings.



This is not an easy game and definitely not one that a lot of people will enjoy since it’s a very niche title but those of you that like airplanes or perhaps work as airplane mechanics or pilots, you might absolutely love this game and played religiously for a very long time. On the other hand, some might need a bit of help from the Airline Commander hack.



All in all, there’s not much to be said here. It is a game about airplanes, piloting and flying them in doing that in the most efficient and safe way as possible.





Airline Commander tips and tricks that I can give you.



There’s not much to be honest. I’m not that good at this game ends I haven’t played it’s for a very long time to be able to tutor anyone but what I did learn about it is how to do a perfect landing almost every single time and ironically, this is what a lot of people struggle with, in fact, this is one of the top complaints about this game, the landings are simply too hard. So here’s how you do it:

  • Make sure that your flops or whatever they’re called are retracted all the way, to a point where you cannot retract them any further.
  • Reduce your speed as much as possible but don’t overdo it so that you do not begin to stall and crash your plane.
    Once your speed has reached “VLO” value, begin preparations for landing and deploy the landing gear.
  • Now you have to align yourself with the runway. The easiest way to do this is to use your tail’s “fin” as a crosshair. Simply “aim” at the runway and try to align it perfectly with the track.
  • Maintain your speed and altitude while slowly decreasing as you approach the runway. Try to keep your speed at around 140 knots.
  • As you touch the ground, decrease your speed to a negative value and try to balance your altitude while steadily lowering get until you make a touch with the ground.
  • At this point deploy brakes immediately and if you have managed to follow these instructions, you’ll be notified that you’ve just made a perfect landing.



Now of course, this is much easier said than done but with some practice you will be able to land a perfect landing every single time, just as I was with little to no effort.


And that’s about it for what I can help you other than to hack free AC credits.



Those of you did only care for Airline Commander hack should read this.




The cheat for Airline Commander is a very useful online generator that can be used to generate AC credits for free whenever you need them and as many as you might require.



This is a simple process and you can complete it by pressing the button located on this page which should take you to another part of the website where you will be able to operate the too and grab as many resources as you might need.
All of this is free to use and you can use it as frequently as you want. Feel free to tell your friends about it or even grab some resources for them. All of these resources that are gained in this way will work in the game and won’t cause you any trouble.



To initiate the entire process you will find a button underneath as well as above this text block that will take you where you want to be so, if that’s what you came here for than just press any of those buttons and you’ll be off to where you want to be.



Password: ilovebugs



Closing thoughts about the game



Since I’ve already told you everything that I think about it, I’m not enough keep this any longer than I need to.
I believe that this game won’t appeal to everyone but those of you that are into airplanes and flight will find it absolutely amazing and now with the new found ways to obtain free resources (AC credits) absolutely for free, you can sit back and enjoy the ride without having to worry too much about messing things up or not knowing exactly what you are doing.



Make sure to consult my perfect landing guide if you want some insight on how to pull it off perfectly every single time or, even better, experiments for yourself and find a way to do it even better and easier than I have.
If you do that, please consider posting your methods on our website so that others can benefit from your discovery, after all, we’re trying to build community of like-minded individuals to help each other out and engage in conversations on a daily basis.



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