About Us


I thought I would take a moment to introduce myself and my friend who is working on this website alongside with me. So, umm, hello there! My name is Boris and alongside my buddy Gerard, the two of us are GameBug!


I’m the guy who works on the actual website. You can blame me for the design of this website or ask me to write a review or recommend a game or make a list of games and apps that you could play. Gerard on the other hand, he is more of a “back-end” guy and he’s going to be in charge of the more technical aspects of both this website as well as the apps that we feature on it.


The two of us, we go back a long time. We have actually met many years ago while playing a videogame online and at that time, with a new chatter at all but through some interaction we got to know each other and start playing together frequently.


Once we started talking about other things than just the game itself we quickly realized that we actually have a lot in common and while the website itself was still not on the horizon, things were going in that direction. Fast-forward roughly 5 years or so and here we are finally.



What is GameBug all about?


GameBug, in case you haven’t noticed yet is a website dedicated mostly to videogames. This is a place where we can provide you with some valuable information and share similar experiences with specific games. We will feature request games as well as the ones that we deem necessary of being featured on our website.
We will encourage and try to engage you and other visitors into interaction with each other in attempt to create a friendly community of like-minded individuals capable of helping each other with various things or simply chilling out in an environment that is of liking to all of us.


Also, major focus of this website will be to share valuable information, strategies and tools to help players get the most out of their games, especially for those playing on the mobile devices as we all know those games can be pretty restrictive and hard to fully experience without some kind of payment.


This is mostly where Gerard comes in with his programming skills and unrivaled knowledge of video games and their mechanics and most importantly how to exploit them. Gerard has made numerous videogame patches, mods and trainers for PC games but recently, he has been working hard on numerous resource generators for all of the hottest and trending mobile video games in order to allow everyone to obtain those elusive premium resources.



If any of this sounds interesting to you, if you are looking for fresh and forming gaming community, GameBug might be just the place that you’re looking for.


So welcome to GameBug, make yourself at home and we honestly hope that you enjoy your time here with us!

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